Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30th Class

Ok for today we added a few more moves to the sequence that we were practising last week. I took videos of most of us doing the sequence, if anyone wants to see their unglamorous self please feel free to pm, email, shoutbox, etc. Just tell me whether you want it up on Youtube or you just want the video for yourself.
So for this week, Szetoh has the honour of being the model for this sequence. (clap, clap, clap)

So going through the moves again we have
1. Hop back
2. Negativa with a slight hop to the front (no need to lift up your hand)
3. Pull back the leg , both feet still facing forward.
4. Compasso or Rabo de Arraia (remember to block face after the kick)
5. Giro
6. Queda de Rins (returning leg straight)
7. Pasada (keep your eye on your "versaria?")
8. Au L (You land on the same leg you kick off, the other leg kept straight)
9. Ends in a Esquiva Frontal.

So basically this week we added moves 7 to 9. Please "remembra" the moves, and try it out in Roda this coming Sunday. Time to put what you have learnt to good use.

Signing out,
As in Roda, as in Life.

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Morcego said...

Szetoh: -10/10 right leg
-9.5/10 for left leg (for the short pause there)
-good form and i felt lots of emotions coming from him
-my conclusion: will make it to the final 3

"So you think you can Capoeira"