Thursday, September 10, 2009

9 September's Class

Hi guys, hope you all enjoyed the wonderful 'birthday' roda just now. For those who were not able to make it - don't worry, you'll get your turn soon!

So today we learnt three sequences and they all deal with how to counter a meia lua saltar.

The 1st technique is the Tesoura, which we also practiced in the 2nd September class:

Notice how the entrada is in the same direction as the attacker.

The next technique is the meia lua baixa which is basically a compasso with the kicking leg sweeped low across the ground to trip the attacker. The entrada for this move is in the opposite direction from the attacker.

The last technique is the banda where you grab the attacker's kicking leg, lift it up and sweep his other leg so he falls to the ground.

It may be a little hard to visualize now especially without the videos, but we'll put them up after monday's class. (Videos posted)

For now, here's a bonus clip. Enjoy!



Bryan said...

Alrite Faizal! Now you just need a cool apalido to sign off to haha! :)

mvken said...

Yeah your first post. =)