Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 2nd Class

Hey guys and gals , are you all shagged after wednesday's class? Cause you should be after practising all these moves which I'll be recapping.

We learnt 2 sequences, one of which requires a move called "Bote" (pronounced something like botch). Basically you're wrapping your front leg around your back leg and staying as close to the ground as possible. Palms on the floor as always.

So the sequence goes like this , Role -> Bote -> Negativa (to the side).
This is good for moving around in the Roda to avoid incoming kicks or if you have a "brain freeze" moment, just default to it.

The next sequence is between 2 people, one attacking with kicks and the other basically countering the kicks.
Player 1: Melua de Frente , Martelo, Melua Compasso (2 hand , 1 hand , no hand your choice)
Player 2: Esquiva, Rasteira ( or just "checking"), Tesoura v2.0

here's our very own video to demonstrate

For the Tesoura, if you're having trouble, first entrada (enter) in the same direction of the compasso. (compasso coming from left to right , enter towards the right with left leg in front)

Then stretch your back leg (in this case the right leg) behind your opponent continued with a turn of the front leg (left leg).

Explanations maybe a bit confusing but please refer to the video for a better understanding of the move. We'll probably be going through it again on Monday's class so come if possible.

Understande? =P

As in Roda, as in Life.
Voon Ken (Mumia)

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Morcego said...

FYI guys, in a real situation you'd be lucky to be able to roll out of the receiving end of a Tesoura.