Saturday, August 29, 2009

26th August Class

Hi everyone good to be back updating you guys about what happened on last wednesday's class (need to change the label soon)

We were taught 3 moves that day, we'll start with Rasteira or also called Banda

a tip for this move is to put more weight on the back leg so that you have more force when pulling your capoeira partner down.

Next we have Tesoura which is a take down move, can be used to counter the Rasteira and a lot of other moves such as meia lua compasso in this video.

The idea is to use your hips instead of solely relying on leg strength to put your partner down.

Last move is well...a movement called Giro which means spin ( not the one where you use to pay your fees, bills and stuff)
The one we learnt in class was similar to Aliph's move in this video at the 0.06 mark. We use it to move out of a kick during the class session.

Reminder that when doing this move as well as any other capoeira movements, your eyes
should stay lock on to your partner.

Well that's all for this little update, hope you guys keep practising and check out some of our older videos of Aliph and sequences to revise.

As in Roda, as in Life

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Morcego said...

haha, the banda 'teacher' got black mark behind... a victim of banda! Nice to see you posting again Mumia! =)