Friday, August 21, 2009

Keep that Axe in the Ring!

Hi guys,

Our senior Pek may (or may not) have mentioned some protocols "do-s & don't-s" when in the Roda (ring). Basically these protocols are there to keep the capoeiristas as away from harm as well as keeping the Axe inside the game.

Right, so that brings me to Axe... no not the tool used to cut down trees. "Axe" (pronounced Ah~Shey) could be described as being similar to "energy" or "chi" or "chakra" or "lifeforce". Its that rush you get from scoring a goal or performing on the stage. We welcome Axe and its always great to have in our game within the circle. Having and keeping the Axe high will ensure a enjoyable game of capoeira. So without further adieu...

  • Keep the Roda looking like a ring. Close up the gap left behind by a player after having entered the ring. Axe "leaks" out from these gaps.
  • Sing with gusto and confidence. It spurs the players inside the ring and it also allows you to improve your vocals.
  • Get involved in the Roda. It's intimidating at first, but just like your first date or first day in school, it gets easier after each game.
  • Be aware of you're surroundings in and out of the Roda. This is to prevent wild & straying kicks from hitting someone not involved in the game.
  • Pay-de-berimbau: which means to kick-off your joga from the berimbau. Its a sign of respect/permission the player gets from the berimbau player (who is usually the most senior present)
  • Make the Roda exciting. Cheer for a well-placed kick or an awesome backflip, it feeds the Axe in the roda!
  • Make friends in and out of the roda. It isn't everyday that you can find a bunch of people sharing the same unique interest with you.
  • Fold arms in the Roda.
  • Expand the roda bigger and bigger.
  • Engage in personal conversations. A stray kick from the players inside the roda may just hit you because of your lack of attention.
  • Don't exit the roda with your back to the opponent. As long as you are within the roda, you are within the game.
  • Compra (buy) into the game without first capturing the attention of the capoeiristas that are already playing. Once again a stray kick may just hit you because the players weren't aware of you.
  • Be shy to play. "Capoeira - where we play to learn & learn to play"


Will (Galego) said...

capoeira para sempre!
will be starting my second year this september in the Naçao Capoeria group. Have learnt a lot in just one year and can't wait to learn more!
my batizado was truly inspiring.

Morcego said...

That's great! I hope you can keep on learning more than just the movements but, but the story and philosophy that will inspire you even more in the future!

Salve Capoeira

Cabure said...

whey!!! wat senior...i'm not tt old okay!!!! plus i'm no more senior then u all.....