Monday, September 21, 2009

September 16th Class

Here's the sequence for last Wednesday's class.
The sequence basically goes like this.
1. Negativa to the side
2. Negativa to the other side
3. Parada (like the start of an Au)
4. Giro ( a spin stay low)
5. Parada again but switch leg.
6. Put your higher leg behind the lower one now
7. Queixada baixa (low)
8. End with a Role.

That's it for this post. Here are some bonus vids of Jaguar strutting his stuff.
(Warning not suitable for minors)

As in Roda, as in Life.
Moo(mia) Voon Ken

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Bryan said...

Nice! Can finally study how to do that... seeing a big man do liquid...not easy man!