Thursday, October 1, 2009

New portuguese words learnt!

Yo guys,

congratulation for those that have been given apalidos by Jaguar. Those who have yet to receive one - haha it'll be coming sooner or later. So some new words we've learnt were:

Flor = Flower
Pink/Rose = Rosa
Frog = Sapo
Bat = Morcego
shark = tubarão
Teak = *Teca
gata mimosa = delicate cat

*don't think thats what i recall hearing yesterday...will follow up on that.

There is no E-Learning week for Capoeira! Cya guys next Monday!


Oh ya! I forgot one more word:

Sagat = Dude who kicks butts in Street Fighter 4...imba!


mvken said...

No one has a nick name estuprado right ?

Joe said...


Bryan said...

hope a girl doesn't get that... in fact, no one should ever get that man. lol