Friday, October 23, 2009

Wikipedia has everything!

The Chingay Parade (Chinese: 妆艺大游行; pinyin: Zhuāngyì Dàyóuxíng) is an annual street parade held in Singapore as part of Chinese New Year festivities. The term Chingay itself originated in Southeast Asia, particularly in Penang, Malaysia, which is a phonetic equivalent of the Chinese words "妆艺", which means "a decorated miniature stage" or float. Today, the parade has evolved into a massive multi-cultural and international event telecast live on television every year.

And guess who's invited to perform once again for this big-scale event :)

Some memories of the club from last year, can you spot anyone(s) familiar? ;p

And from a different perspective!

"As in the Roda, as in life!" or rather
"Life's a stage and we are but characters in a script!"


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