Monday, March 30, 2009

March 26th Class

Yeah back from a week's hiatus. So on this day we learned a move similar to meia lua de compasso called....well I think it's called Rabo de Arraia. It's similar but with a few differences.
Firstly, it is executed from your ginga position, there's no need for an entrada.
Next, turn around and look under your armpits.
Make sure your kicking leg is as straight as you can make it to should feel a great sensational stretchy feeling.
One hand is planted on the floor instead of two (for compasso).
While kicking , as usual kicking leg straight while for the other leg, keep it bent, no need to straighten as that would result in a compasso.
This kick is most effective when done fast (other martial arts like Taekwondo must be thinking duh...) and is supposed to target the lower body. Here's a video

That's all for this short recap...
As in Roda, as in life

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