Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Pimp my Notice Board/ Tzng my wall"

Hi guys!

Our Hassan has brought up an issue that has been "gathering dust" since last Sem haha... are we aware that we own a notice board just outside MPSH 1? It's next to Nan Wa Pai's notice board.
Therefore, seeing how open house is just around the corner, and that we want passer-bys to be aware that capoeira is still alive and kicking in NUS, any ideas for how we can do up our board?

Haha we've been through quite a bit with each other already - Chingay, OK-TO-Live, Outdoor Roda, Batizado; so i believe we can do much more justice to our wall than just "" :)

axe meu camaradas


bambu said...

Paste photos every where!

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