Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things You've Always Wanted to Shout in the Roda

Beleza! (ber-LEH-zah!)
Beautiful! (literally, 'Beauty!')

O meu Deus!
Oh my God!

Compra o jogo! (or just 'Compra!')
Buy the game!

Canta, pôrras!
Sing, ₣u₵₭ers! (literally, 'Sing, sperms!' [though I believe the proper plural of 'sperm' is spermatazoa. Is that right, Life Science majors?])

Posso comprar?
May I play?

Jogue mais devagar, por favor. (jo-gee-yu mah-ice jee-va-gar, por favor)
Play slower, please.

Nós podemos jogar mais rápido, se você prefere (nos poh-day-mos jogar mah-ice ha-pee-do, say vo-say pre-fur-ray)
We can play faster, if you prefer.

Apenas! (ah-peh-nas!)
Close! Almost!

Escute o berimbau, pôrra! (Es-KU-chee o berimbau, por-ha!)
Listen to the berimbau, ₣u₵₭er!

Calma! Cabeça frio! (Kah-beh-sa free-yo!)
Be calm! Be cool! (literally, 'a cold head')

Atrás de você! (or just 'Atrás!')
Behind you! (right before you martelo your opponent in the backside)

Olhe! (O-le-yeh!)
Look! (same tactic as above)

Não é me! (now air me!)
It wasn't me! (banging on the bathroom floor)

O que pôrra é essa? (oh-kay por-ha air es-sa?)
What the ₣u₵₭ is this? (literally, 'What sperm is this?')

Não se preocupado, sou muito gentil. (now say preocu-pah-doh, so muito gen-chil)
Don't be worried, I'm very gentle. (at the foot of the berimbau, just before you Au in and wipe the floor with his ass)

Coloque-lo! (Koh-loh-kay-lo!)
Put it in! (as in, inside his defences, though I'm sure resourceful people like you can find other situations in which it would be apropos)

Você é muito quente (kayn-chee) quando joga. Gostoso.
You are very hot when you play. Me like.

Anything else you wanted to say but didn't know how?

Some of you may feel that the last few lines may be unwarranted for this post. But come on, you know you've wanted to say them!


Joaninha said...

Hahahaha...wow...this post is so practical and relevant to all of us, I can't believe no one's thought of compiling something like it, before! Nice work!

p.s. Is "porra" actually that strong? ...In my group...let's just say most people learn "ginga" as their second word... XD

Crouching Cocorinha said...

Hehehe, I don't believe it's actually a 'strong' word. But it does denote 'sperm' and connote 'fucker', just like 'hell' in 'what the hell' denotes eternal fiery damnation, but when we use it in 'what the hell', we don't mean it in that way.

And don't we always learn the bad words first anyway? ;)