Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Searching for yourself?

Hi guys,

The advise for us last thursday was "go youtube "Zambiacongo" and observe". So i did just that :)

So many have come and gone through the doors of a capoeira school and left thinking that they have "experienced" Capoeira. ...Ok, so you can ginga and throw some fancy kicks; Wow - you can even do the complex acrobatics. But can you really claim to being a "capoeirista" when you haven't found that spot for yourself in the roda?

As we heard last Thursday, every grupo has its own style. And with that style comes a certain direction that we would want to hone our bodies to meeting. We are studying under Zambiacongo, whose style stems from grace and feints:

"Now i understand why we're going through those particular feint sequences on Thursdays!"

However remember that this is just a general guideline to which you can follow. Must i be a "feint-addict" just because i am from Zambiacongo or a an awesome acrobatic because i hail from Cordao de Ouro Capoeira?

"In times of adversity, one's true nature comes out". Not that im linking the being in a roda and getting surrounded by a boisterous presence of Axe an adversity, but it is in that environment that hopefully you can find for yourself a certain form which you can best relate your personality with. As a dear friend once told me,

"There's always a place for you in capoeira: you can't do the moves? you can sing; You can't sing? Go play the instrumets; You can't play the instruments? Clap your hands; You can't clap? Go rope in friends who can; No Friends!? Capoeira will be your friend."

Many a times i have entered the roda with a "game plan" in mind so as not to appear 'blur' of un-glam in front of my friends. But then again, my most enjoyable games happens when i compra into the roda with nothing but the rythm of the bateria spurring me on. Hah whatever happened to "music can soothe the savage beast?" Apparently the "beast" hasn't heard the beat of the atabaque yet :p

The message im hoping to get across meu camaradas is: "try". You never know till you try.

Quoting Cantor who quoted Mestre Luinzho:

"Try and you may fail; Don't try and you'll never succeed."

Finally, let's see if you can spot anyone familiar here:

ps: haha could be our publicity vid since it gives a good intro for Capoeira. Yes, that's a girl at 0:55 :)

meu camaradas


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