Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2nd's Class

Another Thursday's Class recap.
Moves we learnt today:
1) Au Chibata (some call it Meia lua Solta)
2) Giro (another version)

Chibata means whip... so i guess Au Chibata means "Whipping Au" ?
For starters, we go into a cadera position. Stretch our right hand over to the left side or vice versa. If we are going to the left, the right leg should be bent while left leg is kept straight. End it with a nice hop into an esquiva position.
Anyway here's a video of a tutorial about it (although more complex and starts from esquiva)

and one more from our very own Alif :)

Anything else? Feel free to comment (or else I'll hear crickets)
Signing out
As in Roda, as in Life


Bambu said...

ei ken, upload it into our NUS capoeira account pls...sms me to get the username and password :p

Bryan said...

nice video editing! haha what's that secret move in 0:05 that is so great that the video censors it (or i can't see it). LOL "i'm so sexy"

mvken said...

to Bryan: yeah that move was so awesome that my phone hanged.

to Bambu: upload what? the video? how?