Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates & Stuffs

Hello everyone, Ian here.

First off, good luck to those still studying for your exams. Final stretch!

This post is just to settle some admin stuff. As most of you would know that this summer period there would be no NUS training, but instead you'd have to head down to FIGHT-G to train with our new (yay) capoeira instructor.

I would really like to meet up with pretty much everyone to makan, relax and also to discuss a bit about the next semester. This would encompass the Freshman Inauguration Ceremony (maybe), Matric Fair & the general conduct of our classes (I was informed that a change of training days is required).

So PLEASE reply to either this post or the email that directed you to this post as to when you are free.






Bambu said...

Im free on Monday night, tues, thurs and sat (;

Clare said...

i think this reply is a little late, but pls include me! email is