Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mugging period. But not forgetting Capoeira.

Notes..library..sleepless nights..what do all these have in common? Haha.. It’s exam time! Thanks for turning up on Thursday for the last official training of the semester. Hope everyone enjoyed the 9 kicks that Morcego taught. Quick recap:
  • Meia lua de frente (mei-ya-lua-de-french)
  • Armada (ar-ma-da)
  • Quexada (kay-sha-da)
  •  Martelo (mar-tel-lo)
  •  Bencao (ben-sao)
  •  Compasso (com-pa-so)
  • Chapa (sha-pa)
  • Chapa de costa (sha-pa-de-cos-ta)
  •  Gancho (ganch)

Need help recalling any of the moves? Youtube is your bestfriend.

In the meantime, if you’re craving for some capoeira, you can always search for some vids online or visit central library level 5. You’ll find some of the seniors there. To find out how much you’ve improve over the past 12 weeks, tune it to our NUScapoeira YouTube channel (

As for the end-November Capoeira Encounter, you guys can pay me the full $120 (early bird price for those who registered with KY) anytime from now till the workshop itself. I will usually be in the library 6 floor/school. Just drop me an SMS!  

In the meantime, study hard and good luck for the exams! See everyONE next semester.

PS: may have ‘secret’ training from now till exams. Check the blog for updates or we’ll sms u!

Rosa (Angeline)

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rosinha said...

yay a post from Rosa!

Thanks for the recap :) Yes, since the axe isn't enclosed within the walls of MPSH 2, we'll definitely be having some of that spontaneous trainings/roda!

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