Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boa Sorte!

Hey guys,

Hope you're not stressed out from your FYPs, final papers, and of course, preparations for the dreaded exams! We know how it can be especially after a long semester like this! It will be over soon - think of the upcoming workshop to look forward to once you're done!

In light of the exam period, a couple of us made a video to wish all of you the best (Read the description of the video on youtube)! Just to remind you to take it lightly.

Smiling yet? You'll do fine, don't worry! (:

Axeeeee and see you soon, camaras!



shiela said...

me likey!!!! and me likey the tag also, 'girls' ..hahahaha..

jia you everyone!! axe!

Bryan said...


KY said...

omg! im only seeing this now!

mvken said...

lol just saw it too ! like !

Rosinha said...

haha omg. I'm wondering if this was a good idea. This is too funny!