Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December holidays!

What a great way to end the exams and semester and start the December holidays with a 5-day workshop! Mestre Luizinho came down from Australia and imparted some knowledge to us during the workshop.

Highlights of the workshop included a visit to Bantus Capoeira. Sequences were taught, we learned some acrobatic moves, and did maculele as well as a music session to know more about the different instruments of capoeira. After our 5-day workshop, many of us are pumped and just yearning for more capoeira! So look out for the holiday training details on the right side of the blog!

Having been with us for 3 months and being our most active exchange student, we decided to bring Yulia around for some durian session and gave her a farewell roda too. All the best Yulia and continue to learn Capoeira wherever you are! Thanks for the Russian souvenirs.

To all our beginners, it’s been a great semester having all of you with us. Good luck to the exchange students who are going back or have already gone back! Hope NUS Capoeira has been a great family and capoeira is a passion that you want to pursue in life! Continue to stay hungry for more capoeira!

PS: Christmas roda will be on 18 December, Sunday, at Helix Bridge. Details to be confirmed.

AXE Capoeira! 

Rosa (Angeline)

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