Monday, October 25, 2010

Newsflash!! much so I can't resist blogging about it in the middle of studio haha.. For those who have not yet known about it, Faizal a.k.a our Bom Garoto got the first position in the beginner category, and Sanny a.k.a Cantor got the third position in the advanced category for the Zambiacongo Asia-Pacific capoeira tournament.

Congraaaaaaaaatz!!! We are so DAMN PROUD of both of u!

Special edition pics of our winners:

and because I think it's not complete without putting another pic of our female ambassador:

Oh and, welcome back home!

P.S I think we should all try pestering Bom Garoto to treat us the next supper =D

Honored to convey the glad tidings,


Bom Garoto said...

wow thx for the blog post shiela. i feel the love.

i'll get u guys drinks for this thursday's supper. it will nicely coincide w the end of my MNO project hurhurhur. whoever not going rugi hor!

mvken said...

wow ! Faizal congratulations ! I hope we get to see some videos :)

Bryan said...

Salve Bom Garoto, Gata mimosa & Cantor!