Friday, October 15, 2010

Milo of Crotona

Sometime ago, Alif talked about Milo of Crotona in relation to strength training. Basically, he was a wrestler who lived in Athens, 6th century BC, renowned because he was 5 times wrestling champion of the ancient Olympiad. On top of that, he was also a mathematician, a philosopher, and a military leader! Talk about well-rounded.. Haha.. (You can read more about him: )

Anyway, this Milo of Crotona apparently trained by hoisting a calf onto his shoulders everyday since young, and as the calf grew into a bull, he became strong enough to lift up the bull.

Lucky bull must be enjoying the daily ride...

Progressive strength training at its most impressive. When I was reading around about him, I came across an interesting blog about fitness and strength training, and the author, for fun, wrote an imaginary training log for dear Milo: (click to enlarge)

Ok, by now you might be laughing and dismissing it as mere myth... Wait till you check out this guy:

Damn right, people.. Modern day Milo! With a very macho name like H.E Mann, to boot..

Well, hope you enjoyed that bit of trivia, and... anyone importing a calf from Indonesia soon? ;p



Ky said...

haha. raising the calf then becomes part of our training also. when we feel the calf becoming too easy to be lifted, feed the calf more. lol

Bryan said...

Sg we only have rats, cats & dogs...guesss they'll have to make do haha