Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, well.. Some of us have been missing trainings here and there (yours truly guilty as charged..), and at least for me capoeira is a happy activity I wouldn't miss if I could, so to skip training usually signifies that you have a less-happy affair that demands your attention.. ><

Mid-terms, for one.. Hope everyone's okay? No body parts missing? For those who feels like the stress and expectations from mid-terms are killing them.. jia you! Then again, I'm sure there are those who wish that their worst problems is something as trivial as the mid-terms..

Whatever it is, one thing I love about capoeira and the club is that you don't need to tell people blatantly about your problems to feel a sense of camaraderie and having people around who sincerely cares.. That has helped me a lot these two semesters each time I take a 'mental beating' from studio =) So, in the family spirit, let me try to bring a bit of cheer... (btw ppl, CLICK TO ENLARGE yeah ;p )

P.S. Was talking to another 'older' member that we're very lucky the new members this time are very enthusiastic, because that really helps to carry the dynamics of the club. I cannot agree more =)

Hugs all 'round,


Van said...

Nice post Shiela!!!
The girl in the picture looks just like u :P
For me Capoeira trainings are like de-stressing session =) really don't wanna miss them.

Bom Garoto said...

shiela the day u can carry the atabaque with one hand i'll personally vouch for u to get the apelido 'atabaque princess' official.

till then, pls come accompany me to the cupboard more often so u can build up ur strength to tt level - the the berimbau and pandeiro hv been very 'lonely' in the bateria as of late... if you know what i mean ;)

the little flower said...

Ah Shiela, what you've said have pretty much summed up everything. After a tiring period of schoolwork and handling issssues, it's always nice to fall back into capoeira and just let the axe from the familia consume you and take you in regardless of who you are.

I like your post, and you draw well :)

bisous, rosinha

Anonymous said...

wah shiela so sweet haha

save some for when i come back next week. though i think all i'm going to get is a martelo.

ay faizal n what u mean very lonely? i thought u n arnold always play? unless u mean you guys are very lonely without...haha


mvken said...

This is so sweet haha. *Like*

shiela said...

wad's this so sweet, so sweet.. be a bit manly lah u all ;p

@faizal: i choose salmao over atabaque princess any day =p

@rosinha: bisous! n yeah u summed up wad i like about nus capoeira as well - 'just let the axe from the familia consume u and take u in regardless of who u are'.. well, just like faizal's ambition is to get nus capoeira well known through performances, mine is to get our club known as a club with very positive familia vibe =D

@mummia: just read ur comment of one of the song posts.. we're starting to sing 'sai sai catarina' in the roda hehe..

Anonymous said...

Wah Shiela your drawing is fantabulous!! The girl looks exactly like you.....the eyes are sooo small!! Well done and thanks for the encouragement :D

Ky said...

Nice drawing Shiela :)
wat software did u use? lol.
thanks for the encouragement and cheers to all new members! ;)