Saturday, August 21, 2010

A welcome tea and a farewell roda

For those who missed it, here are some pics of the axé-pumping roda at the end of Thursday's Welcome Tea.

A big thank you to Alif and Aisha for coming down to help out and share some inspiring words about Capoeira. Thanks also goes out to our very own NUS senior who has just graduated - Bryan - for helping with the groundmoves station. Last but not least, thank you Gabriel for taking the cool shots that are posted above. We're grateful for all of your support :)

Round 2 is gonna be held this coming Thursday 26th Aug, so for those who couldn't make it, you have one more chance to discover Capoeira!

On another note, on behalf of NUS Capoeira I'd like to wish Angeline all the best for her exchange in S.Korea. Who knows, maybe you'll come back with your kicks leveled up after spending 4 months in Taekwondo land :P

Hope you enjoyed your farewell roda. To bring back the (good) memories, we dedicate this song for you:

Adeus, and boa viagem Rosa!

-Bom Garoto

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mvken said...

Looks like the welcome tea was pretty good. Keep up the good work guys.