Monday, August 16, 2010


Ok I think some of you must have heard by now that I'll be bringing down the t-shirts for sale tomorrow. Basically if you want the t-shirt just give me your size via SMS 94310313 and pass Ken the moolah,$16 tomorrow. I should be at NUS High early. So let me know if you want them.



Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I would like join the capoeira classes at NUS (I'm student of course) I played capoeira for the 1,5 year before. I missed the welcome teas cause my lectures are in the evening hours 6-9PM. I see that the trainings are on mondays at 8PM which fits perfectly for me. Could you tell me when is it gonna take place next week? And of course I'd like to sign in for a t-shirt (size M)

You can contact me via mobile:
93528874 -Andrzej


NUS Capoeira said...

Hey! You're welcome to join us. However, our trainings are not on mondays but on tuesdays and thursdays. if u can still make it down for the sessions (they're in the evenings as well, at 7pm), do let us know before u are coming down so we can prepare a t-shirt for u :)

shiela said...

hi andrzej! the trainings on monday are not in NUS but in the headquarters (our Zambiacongo group, Singapore branch). It's in orchard central which is just across Somerset MRT. You can just drop by the studio and have a trial session.