Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta get back down

First off, a big thank you to the Comm who did an amazing job handling the logistics and the location for Sunday's roda!

IMHO never had such a big Axe in a while, appreciations to those that came down for the roda/ post-roda, even if it was just a while or just to join up for dinner or just out of curiousity.

Applause to Cantor with his ladainha which would be the root cause for my energia when the angola game kicked in... which brings me to the topic of "What goes up, gets back down. Sometimes its good to get back down to your roots."

Angola - supposedly Capoeira in its raw, unrefined form. Truly a dance masking a fight:

You guys must've seen this hundreds of times and yet again its the one video i'd always 'pause, rewind & play'....'pause, rewind & play'.... A "slow" game of angola ;-)

Can you try to keep 'score' for Mestre Cobra Mensa and Mestre Espirrou marim? :)

And yet, we can see/hear Capoeira ever being evolved to match the times of today. (Check out the sounds of this vid and tell me if you can recognise it.)

Anyway guys, seniors esp....i gotta find time to practise our Maculele :)



Bom Garoto said...

those SYTYCD dancers are damn hax lah can pick up macaco in one training session

shiela said...

about keeping 'score'.. the cool thing is tt capoeira is the one martial art where i can argue mestre espirro won, while you argue tt it's mestre cobra mansa.. n we can both be right =D fascinated by the part tt capoeira is about the beauty and the art n as i grow in capoeira i might change my opinion about who wins or loses ^^
but long live drunken style wahaha..

Anonymous said...

shiela dun pretend to be focused on the angola game lah... u were really checking out the buff capoeiristas in the roda the rua video right? j/k :P

shiela said...

anonymous siah.. think i know who u r hahaha anyway, let's just clarify this: i don't like buff guys =p would rather ogle at sexy buildings!

Anonymous said...

great videos!
i love the jogo malandro one. angola capoeira is one of the most overlooked aspect of capoeira (everyone prefers more to get their grooves on with regional capoeira).
but angola is so cryptic and full of metaphors, and trickeries!

- Rosinha

ps. Shiela I like what you said about the subjectiveness of capoeira. and actually, Shiela, you were checking out the bateria guys, weren't you!

shiela said...

i agree tt angola is so full of metaphors! i couldn't appreciate it till i happened to read deeper into those metaphors.
and btw, ok i confess, i was looking..not at the buff guys, not the bateria, but at the urban space characteristics of where they played the roda de rua.. hahaha...

mvken said...

"Bom Garoto said...

those SYTYCD dancers are damn hax lah can pick up macaco in one training session"

I remember you learnt it in one lesson as well. :)

Bom Garoto said...

i din learn it it one capoeira lessondude! i learnt it when i was still bboying... and had many bruises to show for it.

ok now the secret is out - i'm not a fast learner after all hahaha