Sunday, July 4, 2010

Phudge Philosophy! Ginga, Pôrra!

So you might not be a philosophical type. All they do is talk talk talk anyway. You are a (wo)man of ACTION. Okay, so here you go. This isn't my work, but I did find it on the Internet once, so I don't think we're breaking any laws here. You can thank our Serbian capoeira friends for this wonderful work. If you are the publisher of this work, please let us know, especially if you want us to remove it. :-)

Capoeira Pokreti (Movements)

Oh, and please don't injure yourself.

Crouching Capoeirista, Hidden Rasteira


Mandibula said...


Bom Garoto said...

"I ginga and I jizz-in-my-pants!"

(N.B. Pôrra = sperm)

jokes aside, i enjoyed the previous post too.