Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Group Roda @ East Coast Park

Hiya ppl,

There will be a group roda this Sunday at East Coast Park @ the Skate Park. The location is just beside our booth at the NYC Extreme Sports event.

Location: East Coast Skate Park
Time: 4pm - 6pm

*That means we are ready by 345 pm and start gingaing at 4pm sharp!!

On the side note, our booth will need help to man it. We really need help especially from 12pm - 4pm so reply to this email or sms our handphone at 9342 6911. Booth duty will involve sitting down, looking at bikini babes, skateboarding kids and a short performance! Drinks included (i think)

For us NUS ppl, we can meet at 3.20pm at the Macs opposite Parkway Parade. Faizal will be there early to help with the booth but he can come fetch us.

Well, hope to see you all there. Tc... =)


PS: This is my first post here haha...


Anonymous said...

thx for the update!

see u there on sunday :)

z_jun said... prob. Actually I can't make it on time mayb... :p

mvken said...

First post well done, keep on posting.