Monday, July 26, 2010

Angola Game - Contra-Mestra Susy

Still following a bit about the girls in capoeira post.. haha.. since I went to read up on female mestres, a.k.a mestras, and found this video which I think is a great angola game.. The thing about watching contra-mestra Susy is that her games all seem so fun,yet beautiful. There are several other videos in youtube, including her playing with her students.. If there's such a thing as malicia-filled gentleness, then that was it haha..




Morcego said...

Real cool!! Never found a vid of a female Angoleiro. Nice!

I've always found Mestre Cobra Mensa's 'drunken style' to be so amusing so its a real eye-opener to see a girl doing the 'drunk-style'.

Lets go 'drinking' some day Shiela ;)

salmao said...

aaah, i'm compra-ed by a blue cordao! (<-- dun play play ;p)
on! tho i'll have to train way more else I'll kena own big time haha..
i found c.mestra susy's style kinda special but didn't really think about what it resembles.. 'drunken-style' huh.. cool! ^^

shen said...

yes yes drunken style defo! hahaha very interesting