Saturday, May 22, 2010

4th ZC Monthly Roda

Hi guys,

It's time for the 4th installment of our ZC monthly roda and this time round we're gonna be jogo-ing at the Helix Bridge!

This is probably the first time that anyone will be playing capoeira there so it is gonna be a novel experience for everyone. As with previous monthly rodas, it will be a great chance to meet our friends from SMU, ITE and HQ and witness a more intense and exciting game. Everyone is strongly encouraged to come down and lend the group some Axé tomorrow.

To recap, the monthly roda is on Sunday, 23rd May 4.30 pm at the Helix Bridge.

This is going to be my first monthly roda after missing all the previous ones so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there!

ps: if you can't find the group just give me a call and I'll help you find your way (if I don't get lost myself =P)


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