Wednesday, March 31, 2010

24th March Class

Hey guys... It's been a looooong long time since the last blog post. So I'm here to bring you guys some goodies! I know it's nearing the exams and a lot of us have been unable to make it for the sessions, so take a look at the videos to see what we've learnt so far.

These sequences were taught by Sanny when he took last wednesday's class.

The first is actually a drill that most of us should be familiar with: au-negativa-role.

Some points to note:
  1. When you are coming down from your au into the negative, it helps to aim to land the first foot coming down closer to your hands - this helps with the balance when you are entering into the negativa.
  2. If your feet are too far away, your bum might come crashing to the ground - like what some of us have experienced!
  3. Also, for the negativa, make sure that your front foot is flat on the ground; your toes should not be pointing upwards to the ceiling. Your role should be low - don't let your butt stick out too much (unless you want it to be a target).
  4. Lastly, LOOK BETWEEN your legs at your opponent when you role. As with any movement in capoeira, you must always look at the person you are playing with.

The second sequence is esquiva frontal - trocada - role - au.

Points to note:
  1. Hands should be planted flat on the ground. (Special note to Sapo: this is not like footwork for bboying!)
  2. Rmb to block your face with your other hand.
  3. When you trocada, change both legs simultaneously. Don't switch one by one.
  4. Notice that you can au out of the role in two ways, depending on the position of your legs after you exit the role:
-with the back leg providing lift (0:04-0:05)
-with the leg in front driving through to the back (0:11-0:13)

Some of you may recall that the second way is similar to the passada-au that Aliff taught after his talk on Monday.

The second method which requires you to drive your front leg to the back to provide lift is also good practice for the au sem mao.

Credit goes to Swee Lian for recording the videos with her funky new cam and also for uploading the vids. Muito obrigados!

See you guys on the final class next wed, 7th April. In the meantime, 'curb' your capoeira urges and mug hard for the exams :)



mvken said...

Damnit how do you format the videos so that they can fit in the blog.

Otherwise... good job ;)b

Pato said...

K, settled!