Thursday, May 27, 2010

Song of the Month!

"Judging from the response at this month's roda held just a couple of days back, it's clear that the people's choice award goes to "Sou Jogador" by Mestre Barrão!"

... Is what I'd like to say but to be honest, no straw poll was ever conducted haha. But thanks to Morcego, I bet most of us had this song on replay for a while.

Shiela, I've taken the liberty to copy the lyrics from your email and reproduce them below. So everyone, there should be no excuse for not learning the song!

Enjoy :)

Aquele que bateu o golpe
nuca teve a sorte de me acertar
nenhum toda rasteira da vida
nenhum alma sofrida vai me derrubar
foi Deus quem guiou meus caminho
com ele sozinho eu nunca vou estar
o Axe capoeira e um grupo verdadeir
que nenhum o dinheiro vai poder comprar
sou um capoeira vadio
que o desafio da vida aceitou
enquanto houver a mandinga
segura a ginga o Axe chegou
eu sou

sou, sou jogador
vem, vem ca pra ver
sou, sou jogador
sou capoeira Axe ate morrer

Whoever beaten have never
been able to get me
none trip in life
none is desperate to knock me off my feet
God pointed my way
with him alone I'll never be
Axe Capoeira is a real band
it is not bought with money
I am a Capoeirista vagrant
who received the call of fate
There will be trick
Watch the Ginga Axe came
I am

I am, I am a player
Come, Come for the show
I am, I am a player
I am Capoeira Axe till dying


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