Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vote where you would like to have dinner! Yum Yum!

Hello NUS Capo people! While miserably mugging, remember that it is still important to eat, lest you starve before your finals!

And what better way to eat than with your equally miserable friends?! After all, misery loves company!

Tentatively, the NUS Capo dinner is set on 18th November 08, Tuesday evening. Not okay with the date? Let us know! Meanwhile, do vote on the venue. You can vote for more than one place. Want to suggest another place? Let us know!

Don't worry, you can change your vote later!

Love love,

It looks like we're having it at Botak Jones on Tuesday night. Sorry, Dadi lovers (myself included), maybe next time. Since everyone is busy studying, we shall make it a hard 7.30 pm. If you come later, don't expect people to still be there! Those who have to mug can leave after they've swallowed their grub. Those who want to stay and chat and play a little roda outside Botak Jones can also do so.


Bambu said...

Earlier in the week pls! Cos some ppl like me have a paper on the 22nd.

Like mon or tuesday etc.

EW said...

Err... okay, then we shall move it to Tuesday night. Instead of the usual Capo class. Hahaha.

mvken said...

hmm i see a tie between dadi's, Subway and Botak Jones. Anyway there should be at least 7 ppl going for dinner right?

EW said...

Not that anyone's going to be reading this within the next 1.5 hours, but yes, it was a tie, so I just picked Botak Jones. It's familiar, people can eat there, no need for reservations, payment is naturally 'Dutch'. And there's a small space to roda if you want. :)

Hassan said...

I voted for Mcdonalds twice. no one wants to go there :(