Friday, November 7, 2008

Multi-Hit Combos!

Bencao followed by martelo with the other leg!

Now you can be like your favourite video game character (once you've gotten over the drooling, ladies!)!

What are your favourite combos? Share!

Stay Sexy,


EW said...

Round kick (queixada, meia lua de compasso or armada),forcing the guy to esquiva. Follow with quick 'martelo do chao', same side (if you can, don't have to go to esquiva frontal first). This will catch the guy in the neck.

mvken said...

I have to check my Eddy Gordo's 10 hit combo and air combo first.

EW said...

Fake queixada one side, forcing the guy to esquiva, then either martelo with the front leg, or giro (spin) and chapa giratoria with the back leg.

Bambu said...

queixada followed by melua reversao!

EW said...

Waah! You want to hit the guy THREE times, ah? :P