Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Au is so easy, if I had a third side I'd do it there too!

This series of posts is gonna be about Au variations.

Most of us who have been doing capoeira for at least 1 semester are familiar with the basic Au ("cartwheel").

So... if you've mastered the Au on both sides what else is there to do?

Well, unfortunately, there isn't a third side for you to Au but if you are looking for a challenge, do not fret - there are a couple of Au variations that you can try.

This week's Au is the Au Helicopteiro.

I've included 3 tutorials because some of you may find a particular tutorial easier to follow (hands up those who prefer the one in Portuguese! :P)

Once you guys get good let's go to Sentosa and do this:

Train hard and enjoy the last few weeks of your holidays!

-Bom Garoto

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Bryan said...

Nice post, Faizal!
Au is kinda like Naruto's rasengan!
It's just a template...but then u can evolve into some many other forms! Rasen-shuriken bomb!!!