Friday, March 4, 2011

Hantam those mid-terms, camaras!

A bit of entertainment for everyone =)

And now for the encouragement bit:

And something from a gymnastic coach, about doing new moves, attempting the difficult ones, but which I think is also applicable to life in general:

"For 90 per cent of the kids, a lot of fear is involved. The solution is hard, but simple - just do it again and again. "It’s going to be scary the first time, by the second time, it will be half as scary. And by the time you’ve done it a hundred times, you won't remember what you were afraid of in the first place."

Hugs all 'round,


Anonymous said...

lol cute rabbit. looks gd in the picture as well as on my dinner plate


charlotte said...

gosh the rabbit picture is so true. roboto, we all know that you're vegetarian, don't try to bluff hahaha