Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1st ever Capoeira CIP event!!!

Hey guys,

This project has been in the making for a loooong looong time and we have Arnold to thank for conceiving it. I'm pretty excited to be given the opportunity to spearhead this project and I invite all of you to come aboard and help out with this event. What's in it for you: You get to do good and be part of NUS Capoeira history!

In two weeks from now, NUS Capoeira will host a group of 30 children from Fei Yue CCS and conduct a capoeira enrichment programme for them. If interacting with kids is your thing, do volunteer to come down and help out in the event.

The details are as follows:-
Date and Time: 15th March, 4-6pm
Venue: YIH Amphitheatre

We're gonna have a roda as well for the kids so we hope the whole club can come down so we can give them an impactful performance to remember. After all, we can't have a roda with 1 person! (That'd be a voador...) Who knows, the kids might get inspired and grow up to be Eddy Gordos and Lateef Crowders someday...

Thanks goes out to Rosinha, Ken (Mumia) and Soong Ming for helping me coordinate everything ranging from transport to refreshment sponsorships.

Yes, you read it right - there'll be refreshments.

If the words "CIP", "Kids", "Roda" and "Refreshments" are not enough to entice you I guess you're a boring capoeirista who just trains, doesn't eat much, and hates being around happy bouncy young people. (just kidding... seriously, if you can't make it due to school commitments we perfectly understand!)

That's all for now. I'll give you more updates nearer to the actual date. If any of you have any questions e.g. ("How old are the kids?"; "What refreshments will be served?" "Will I get any CCA points?"; "I can't teach capoeira. Can I still help?") just direct them to me and I'll decide whether to answer them or give you a bencao :P

-Bom Garoto


KY said...


lol. anyway, just out of curiosity, how old are the kids? cosin last night's class, u mentioned that they're about 16 yrs old? arent exactly kids right? or have i forgotten that we have many old people in capoeira. calling them kids, makes me feel really old, unless they're like 8? haha.

anyway, I'll be there for sure! but my class ends exactly at 4pm. so, will run a lil late. and if there's anything i can do before, during or after the event to help, just sms/call me ;)

Bryan said...

Yo KY! Unfortunately, capoeira has some un-explanable contagious diseases that prevents capoeiristas from growing... i mean i'd still call Toshi a 'kid' :p