Thursday, September 29, 2011

Training for Next 2 weeks

Hi guys,

As you know these 2 weeks involve the mid term exams, so the MPSH will not be available as a training venue for us. So instead we will train at YIH.

On Tuesdays we will train at YIH until 8 pm before we head over to the Dance Studio.

On Thursdays we will be training at YIH.

Training time is as usual at 7 p.m after which we will head off for supper to fill our hungry stomachs.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's back to outside MPSH

Guys sorry for the mix up but for this semester we'll be training at MPSH 2. The dance studio arrangements only take effect in December. MPSH 2 is also closed off for mid-terms these 2 weeks so look training will be held outside. Sorry again for the mix up!


Monday, September 26, 2011

NUS Capoeira AY 2011/2012 Semester 1 Retreat

Hey guys keep yourselves free on the 15th of October Saturday 2011. We are gonna have our 1st retreat!

The plan is - Sentosa (If it does not rain) , if not don't worry we will have our wet weather programme. So please come down and bond with us as a family and a club. :D


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Change of venue..again???

Hey guys what's up? Hope recess week's been good for everyone!

Anyway just a quick update. Tuesday's trainings will be conducted at e dance studio in SRC with immediate effect. If u're not too sure of e place, it's actually right next to e rock-climbing gym on e second floor.

Even more reason to come down for Tuesday's trainings. In addition to e solid sound system, there are also mirrors for u to check your form, e floor's WAY cleaner, there's air-conditioning n...e acoustics r pretty damn awesome when it comes to singing during roda.

Look forward to seeing everyone there next tuesday! There's also a monthly roda this Sunday at *scape behind cineleisure at 4pm. Do come down to take a look if u're free. Contact me for more details at 9431 0313.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Holiday Training & Change of Venue!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone's still doing fine from the massive pre-recess week workload. Anyway take comfort in the fact that recess week's finally here. Just to update everyone, training is still on as usual. Tuesday and Thursday. However this week's Tuesday training will be slightly different.

This Tuesday, 20/9/11, we'll be heading down to SMU for training instead of holding it at NUS. Please come in your usual work-out attire. Training starts at 7:30pm at the CCA room. Some of us will be there ard 7 to just chill out n do some warming-up.

Ok here's e impt bit on how to get there. For those travelling by public transport please get yourselves to Bras Basah MRT which is on e circle line. From there, come out of e station n turn right. Walk all e way till u see e POSB atm. If u look above u at this point u shld see a signboard tt says 'CCA ROOM'. Take note tt we can't get in w/o an SMU access card so if u're there n e door's closed please go to e window n wave. If no one sees u just give me a ring at 9431 0313. If u're driving, I think u can park at e sch of biz which is closer to e city hall side of SMU.

Thursday's training is on as usual at NUS. Look forward to seeing u guys at SMU next Tuesday! A few reasons y u shld come: 1. E training venue is air-conditioned 2. There're mirrors for u to look at your form n e most impt reason 3. Get to know e other capoeiristas from our sister school!!!

K peeps tt's all from me. Enjoy your recess week!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 6 training

Hey hey!

Hope e past few weeks of training have been great for you guys! To help us improve further, we’ll be taking videos of e roda and you’ll then be able to view it on youtube. Subscribe to us on youtube. 

For this Tuesday's training, we’ll also be celebrating mid-autumn festival so there’ll be mooncakes! It will be a great chance for exchange students to try this Singaporean treat. Do come down for training! (n e mooncakes =P)

Recess week is also coming and to help us get to know each other better there will be a retreat during that week. More details will be announced this Tuesday!

PS: For those who have yet to pay your fees, please kindly do so by this week. Thank you =)

Angeline (Rosa)