Saturday, September 24, 2011

Change of venue..again???

Hey guys what's up? Hope recess week's been good for everyone!

Anyway just a quick update. Tuesday's trainings will be conducted at e dance studio in SRC with immediate effect. If u're not too sure of e place, it's actually right next to e rock-climbing gym on e second floor.

Even more reason to come down for Tuesday's trainings. In addition to e solid sound system, there are also mirrors for u to check your form, e floor's WAY cleaner, there's air-conditioning n...e acoustics r pretty damn awesome when it comes to singing during roda.

Look forward to seeing everyone there next tuesday! There's also a monthly roda this Sunday at *scape behind cineleisure at 4pm. Do come down to take a look if u're free. Contact me for more details at 9431 0313.


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