Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Batizado 2011

Once again the Batizado/grading is over! The 4-day event is certainly bigger than the previous year! And this is also the first Xango grading in Singapore.

Note: for those who want to know the difference b/w Zambiacongo and Xango pls approach anyone who attended the workshop!

The workshop wouldn’t be possible w/o the following ppl:

Mestre Luizuinho Barravento and Formado James

The HQ for all the planning work

And EveryONE for the fabulous AXE..

I always look forward to the big rodas because of the high enthusiasm of everyone singing, clapping, playing the instruments and jogo-ing. No doubt it looks intimidating (when I see some of them ‘flying’), the axe from the roda was really overwhelming.

A short summary of what we did at the workshop:

Sequences at the start of the workshop daily. Followed by either roda, some story telling by the Mestre or maculele. On top of that, we went for a HDB performance at Fajar Shopping Mall on the 3rd day of batizado and also to the KTM railway station before it closes down at the end of this month! (refer to the pics to see how much the GUYS enjoyed themselves tt night!)

There’s so much to write and share with everyone but I don’t know where to start! Haha..just approach any of us if you want to find out more about the workshop. And we’ll try to share what we’ve learnt with everyone too (the moves, songs etc)


7 of us leveled up! The new corda (belt) system has changed so please refer to the FB group for the new color system..

Current raw + light green belt: Toshi, Shiela, Arnold, Kelvin, Brian and ME (Angeline)

Light green: Faizal Bom Garoto

Congrats to everyone for the hard work and Faizal for being the most senior among us now!

And unfortunately, because Syaz wasn’t feeling well, she came to have a feeeeel of the axe but did not take part in the grading. Next year Syaz!

And……Toshi got an apelido! No points for guessing correctly. It’s SAPO! YES! Haha..he’s the only one among us to get an apelido. Guess he can’t escape from that name!

Have a good rest everyone and for those who sustained injury, rest more and recover soon! Look forward to the next grading! In the meantime, train hard!

PS: there will be no NUS training this Thursday (16June). See you guys next week.

Salve capoeira,

Angeline (Rosa) [my first blog entry]


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FYI: Rosa was dominating the Roda de Feminina!! :p

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Hey! Why the cord system you put seem weird?

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congrats everyone!! :)