Friday, February 18, 2011

Injuries - Part 2

Long, long overdue, sorry >< but now that it's holidays I'll try to finish the injury series. (Stuff coming up: ankle injuries, knee injuries, back injuries, and de-conditioning >< ) does one prevent common capoeira injuries? * we keep saying.. most of our injuries happen outside capoeira huhuhu.. just got injured last saturday and if you ask me, injury prevention means not ogling at things when walking just beside a ditch! >< ) Anyway, some tips I got: 1. Take time to learn the proper form and technique. That's because incorrect technique will cause unnecessary pull and strain on your muscles 2. Do a warm up. I used to underestimate it until I had a foot injury and the Chinese shinshe kept emphasising that if I stubbornly want to go back to training fast, I gotta do proper warm-ups >< A guide I read advises to spend 15mins on the major muscle groups. Thumbs-up Rosinha for really turning on the heat before sessions begin! ^^
(and others, of course, but somehow Rosinha goes for the kill during warm ups..)

3.Don't overtrain *k I know it's quite difficult to gauge this one especially with so much passion bubbling inside some of you.. Not sure how to solve it too but maybe pain in the joints during training is a symptom? That's when your joints are overused.) By the way, dehydration contributes to overuse and fatigue injuries, so do drink up! (no, Sapo, not Asahi..)

Athletes that train more consecutive days actually have more injuries, AND rest is a critical component of training because it's during the resting period that your body re-builds the muscles stronger.

4. I guess also, a balance between knowing your own limits and pushing those limits.. Gotta say that it does help in capoeira to have a certain gung-ho, fearless attitude hahaha.. So use your own discretion for this one too.

5. If you have a history of ankle/knee injuries, it's a good idea to wear braces. You can go to Gabriel to find out more =)

Sometimes though... You're just suey and injuries happen... What to do next?
1. Stop training immediately. Prevent further damage!
2. Treat the injury. Now the interesting thing is.. the Western way believes in applying cold/ice to sprains while the Chinese way is to apply heat(using ointments).. Personal experience of mine and a friend.. The shinshes actually told us not to apply cold next time we have such injuries. The basis of it? Cold is used to reduce swelling and inflammation since it encourages constriction of blood vessels so your sprained ankle won't get so swollen, but heat encourages more blood flow to the area which actually helps it recover faster. (I personally believe in the Chinese way haha..)

And then the next crucial question..
When to get back to training after injury?

Some guidelines:
1.Do you know, one thing that improves the chance and speed of injury recovery is... high-level of conditioning prior to the injury! Oh wow. More motivation for Alif's "10 minutes of Hell" sessions next time ;p
2. Once your strength and flexibility returns, go back into the sport at 50% - 70% max capacity for several weeks. Use your own body discomfort as a guide.
3. Ideally, you are pain free.
4. No swelling
5. Ideally, you have recovered your range of motion (Compared injured part with non-injured part)
6. Full/ close to full strength.
7. For lower body injuries: can bear the full weight without limping
(notice I say ideally for some parts because.. heck some of us are masochists ;p )

K just general info, but hope that can come in useful.

Have a great, fun, relaxing, refreshing, recharging but also ultra-productive mid-sem break, everyone!
For your entertainment: (I cant embed it.. but I guarantee you are entertained ;p )



charlotte said...

wow cool post! but shielashiela, about the brace, if my memory serves me well (alif, confirmation?) usually doctors and physio advice you to limit its wear after ankle/knee injury, because when you wear it, your joint is becoming dependant, and you stop strengthening your muscles around the join! but indeed, if you have a long history of hypermobility of your joints, and that you absolutely want to do stunts in capoeira, better wear it to avoid future injuries!

charlotte said...

*i mean, limits the wear of brace when you're back in training. not directly after the injury haha

Ky said...

lol good thing to point out Charlotte.

anyway, about the video, the final part is a lil.. lol disgusting? who kicks a girl like that. lol

Fz said...
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Bom Garoto said...

What video??

shiela said...

@charlotte: yeah i didnt know tt@ thx for pointing it out!
@faizal: lol.. check out the link.. it's a spoof of Taladega nights ;p

Nathan Bedingfield said...

Some of the keys here are to always do it correctly, don't over-train, and treat the injury immediately. Capoeira, just like a lot of other MMAs, can be risky for injuries. Even a wrong foot swap can cause one's tooth to knock out! Yes, aside from a myriad of muscle injuries, one can incur knocked or chipped teeth through force landing on the jaws. Ouch.