Friday, November 26, 2010

Of Pecs, and Tights, and who the h*** let the dogs out??!!!

Haven't been checking out capoeira videos for some time, and well, I thought those peeps taking exams might need some entertainment too, so check this out.

The first one is a cool video of ultra-graceful super-expert capoeiristas.. you know, those people who make it look totally effortless while us mere mortals wish we can reach 10% of their level.. Wonder why the opening shot is a(very) well-built torso,though >.<

Second one... uhm I am ashamed to admit it's from Indonesia.. but yeah, if you've ever wondered how to do capoeira to the tune of 'Who let the dogs out' ...

Muito axe!


Anonymous said...

nice choice of videos. they made me cringe.

shiela said...

hahaha yeah tt was kind of the intended effect ;p

Rosinha said...

why shiela, whyyyyyyyyy!