Thursday, January 14, 2010


hey peops,
in conjunction with the new semester, our welcome teas and our new members(hope we didn't scare you guys off after the first 2 sessions) here's another documentary bout capoeira...most accurate and detailed one i've ever came across so far. Seniors!! It also introduces many mestres we've heard about but never actually seen before...

-introduces Mestre Acordeon, one of the more well know mestres in the world, famous for his playfulness and malicia
-shows the favelas, where capoeira is practices most frequently in brazil
-introducing Mestre Nenel, son of Mestre Bimba
-touches on the playfulness of capoeira with trickery and teasing...what we called malicia
-also introduces Mestre Boa Gente, known for using capoeira to keep kid off streets and also running a public radio boardcast station in the favelas as part of this social work. joyful, and social commitment
-note what we've always try to emphasis in classes bout eye-contact and control kicks when both mestres play.
-elaborates on malicia and how this teasing and taunting in the roda came about.
-brings in the songs and instruments
-showcases, and explains the berimbau.
-now, something new i've never seen, making of the berimbau and pandeiro...introducing Mestre Olavo.
-please awe at how the berimbau comes alive in the hands of mestres...! *jaw drop*
-introducing Mestre Jogo de Dentro
-Angolaaaa...!!!!!!! in Mestre Jogo de Dentro's academy.
-history of angola reveiled...
-rest of the instruments comes into play.
-Mestre Joao Pequeno!!!!! oh my god!!! living legend!!! and humble....i'm in awe again...
-show the gameplay side of angola (those at christmas roda 09, looks familiar eh??=])
-we aways say capoeira its a family...clearly showcases in Mestre Pequeno's life...
-touch on the traditional link of capoeira and Candomblé, however, do that note that though we play capoeira, we don't automatically believe in Candomblé...its a choice i guess, and it might be very rare in today's international capoeira circle.

well, hope you guys enjoyed the documentary. do look past the mispronouciations of vocab, and hope you guys found this documentary as enlightening as i found it...

capoeira's not about flashy acrobatics,
nor is it about destroying your opponent;
its not a competition,
neither is it about the individual....

it is tradition,
it is history,
it is song,
it is dance,
it is fight,
it is play,
it is friends,
it is family,
it is survival,
and it is life.....

Axé Capoeira!

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