Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Roda Confirmed!

yo capoeristas!!!!

date for out Christmas Roda has been changed and confirmed.
day: next tuesday, eve of Christmas eve(23th)
venue: no change, SMU
time: no change, 7pm....

so come down for a few hours of "Jingle Jogo" and "Capoeira Carolling"!!! haha!!!



Yihao said...

Ok, this must be a really stupid question, but is it gonna be a Roda or Carolling or ...?

Cos I refer to this previous statement, and assume that there's gonna be no fighting (Roda)?

SMU,NUS, Fight G, ADOC capoeiristas of Singapore you're specially invited, but if you're looking for a fight, then you're not invited. :P"

clare said...

haha, i think its roda-ing with xmas songs :)

Bambu said...

Hhahaha when i wrote fighting i meant no fist fighting. Roda goes on ...with a touch of xmas spirit hahaha