Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Capoeira...what in the world..

Yeah...what in the fact! Its from Brazil! Its a martial art/dance/art form developed in the 16th Century by slaves in Portuguese colonies. While held captive, the slaves were prohibitedby the  from practicing any form of martial art or self defense in fear of an uprising from them. There fore, the slaves decided to come up with a game which involves a mix of ritual and dance and martial arts. The stupid colonial rulers then could not understand what the slaves were doing and they let them be..and thus....Capoeira was born! Today, Capoeira is played all over the world in two different forms, Angola and Regional ( pronounced Hei-gion-ile). To accompany a game of capoeira we have our instruments and songs as well. Its a mish mash of Music, Dance, Acrobatics, a whole myriad of sensations that cannot be experienced by looking. Capoeira is best understood when you get down on your feet and start to boogie with us


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